Gemini Residences, MVRDV

View from the main courtyard, Gemini Residence, Copenhagen

Designed by the Dutch office MVRDV, the Gemini residence is the conversion of two old silos (the name come certainly from the twin buildings) in housing, on the Waterfront of Copenhagen, Denmark.

View on Copenhagen Waterfront, from the Gemini

The architects had to deal with the existing structure, and several “weaknesses”: a silo is a dark place, with no openings. And the structure, even if strong enough to store tons of grains, will hardly support new load from apartments and openings to bring light to the new inhabitants. Consequently, they develop the apartments on the outside, in order to open only doors on the existing structure, and offer apartment a completely glassed façade, taking the most of the low-rising light of northern countries.

Architects MVRDV
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Year 2001 – 2005
Client NCC, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sources: Ar[t]chi dépendante, MVRDV

Reading further: A+U MVRDV files I, Projects 002-209, 02:11, 2002


8 thoughts on “Gemini Residences, MVRDV

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  2. Nicolas,

    Après que tu m’aies laissé un sympathique commentaire sur mon blog, je me suis dit que j’allais aller faire un petit tour sur le tien ! Un clic presque au hasard et je me retrouve sur cette page à deux photos (très jolies soit dit en passant)…

    Mais voilà, je ne peux m’empêcher de te laisser ces deux liens ; tu y verras très certainement un petit clin d’œil au sujet que tu as traité dans ton article :
    8ème photo :

    A bientôt – AMCHdesign

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