Auckland House

Extension of a brick house, by SJA

It’s been a long time I didn’t wrote on this blog. Not that I stopped taking photos, but life is full of experiences, and I was enjoying them! So here come the first post in almost 7 months now.

As part of my job in Auckland, I had the opportunity to join the photograph in charge of taking pictures of one of the previous job of the office. It was a great chance for me to see how actually work professional photographers, the attention to details, listen to precious advices about setting-up a scene as well as capturing the best of it and post-processing it. I did my best, but I must admit I had a jealous eye on his capture, even direct out of the lense. The good thing is that without the pressure of a result, I could let the creativity go out of my photos!

The project was the renovation and extension of an existing brick and concrete house, with a “social area” on the basement, with a kid playroom and a TV room. The extension was adding a carport and a guest bedroom and ensuite, linked to the main room by a wonderful wooden porch.

Architects Stephen Jones Architects
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Year 2009 – 2011

The photograph website: Kallan Macleod


4 thoughts on “Auckland House

    • post-processing… hard to tell. I’ll say use the shadow-highlight tool, to give some more strength to the picture. I use the neutral gray picker to correct the levels. And I use the smart sharpen tool (85%, 1,7px) to try to get a crisp picture.
      For all these processes, the hard point is to be as natural as possible, try to avoid the white halo around objects.
      Other things are more personal tweaks for esthetic

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