Auckland House

Extension of a brick house, by SJA

It’s been a long time I didn’t wrote on this blog. Not that I stopped taking photos, but life is full of experiences, and I was enjoying them! So here come the first post in almost 7 months now.

As part of my job in Auckland, I had the opportunity to join the photograph in charge of taking pictures of one of the previous job of the office. It was a great chance for me to see how actually work professional photographers, the attention to details, listen to precious advices about setting-up a scene as well as capturing the best of it and post-processing it. Continue reading


Waiheke Island

Architecture needs a Place, a site to express itself, to answer it or reject it, but this dialogue is a necessary part of the final building! From the quality of this dialogue come the one of Architecture. You can both accept or refuse the constraints of views, weather, light, but you need to take them in consideration!

Some places offer a better inspiration than others, and Waiheke seems to be among them. With its rich variety of landscapes, views, its peace, not far away from Auckland, but still withdrawn from mass and crowds, it is the perfect retreat if you can afford it!

The result is a great number of incredible houses, all along the coast! A wonderful architectural walk!

just a glimpse

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