Basilica Palladiana


Detail of a capital of the Basilica Palladiana


Il Rendentore

A ray of light cross the nave of “Il Rendetore“, on the island of Giudecca. Built as a present to thanks God for delivering the city from the plague, it was design by Andrea Palladio, one of the early humanist.

This church is considered as the achievement of the architectural theory of the architect.

Palladio’s first design, based on a circular plan, was refused by the Senate, who wanted a quadrangular building, for liturgical reasons. Palladio came back with a new design, a rectangular nave, delimited on each side by three chapels, framed by double columns.



My name is Nicolas Pierret. I am a French guy who settled in Auckland in the beginning of Winter 2011. I came to picture buildings through my architectural studies, trying to find a new way to endeavour architecture, through an other point of view, the one of a camera lens.

The two disciplines have a lot in common, such as the concept of composition, of framing, the notion of depth of field. The importance of the Light is the base of Architecture, of spaces, and it is the soul of Photography.

Using the knowledge of Architecture and the tools of photography is a way to find the best understanding of a famous building or an anonymous house. It is the way to synthetise its caracteristics and properties, from construction to the way we feel inside it, in a small set of photographies.

I invite you to follow this exploration through the pages of this blog, and I hope you will enjoy it!